How to Start Your Holiday Shopping in July


If you love the holiday season, it may be tough to wait an entire year for it to return. Why save all the fun for December? You can snag some great deals, and alleviate some future stress, by knocking out some of your holiday shopping months ahead of schedule. Whether you want to find the perfect gift or the best holiday decor, you can score deals for the snowy season, even if the weather is still scorching.

Stress-Free Holiday Shopping:

  1. Shop year round: Think back. How many gifts have you purchased in recent years are only available during the holiday shopping season? Chances are the majority of the gifts on your shopping list could be checked off long before Black Friday. This also gives you time to shop, compare, and think of a gift that your loved one will surely love. Popular toys will be much easier to find if you shop early, too. So, avoid the rush. Your gifts will undoubtedly be more thoughtful -- and your holiday season less stressful.

  2. Take stock: Many holiday supplies (gift wrap, ribbon, last-minute stocking stuffers, or a new tree skirt) are purchased in a panic. Chances are you already have many of the supplies you need stored deep in the closet. Take some time during the summer to go through your holiday decorations and figure out what you really need. You can stock up on handy storage boxes, which are often on sale during back-to-school season. Come December, you won't be throwing money down the drain to buy things you already own.

  3. Scout out sales: Savvy shoppers can save a bundle of money by stocking up on gifts, decor, and cooking supplies during the year. Many businesses host "Christmas in July" sales with offers comparable to Black Friday deals. Summer clearance sales also offer a great opportunity to find a unique, valuable gift at a fraction of the price.

  4. Make a checklist: The holiday season is stressful enough. Make things easy on yourself by writing down a to-do list and a shopping list while you're still in the blissful, relaxing summer state of mind. Take some time to think of the individual personalities of your friends and family, and be sure to notice what new toys and electronics are coming out this year. Always keep Christmas gifts in mind when you're out shopping; you may find the perfect gift when you least expect it.

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