How to Select Cat Supplies


Your kitty deserves the best, and treating her right includes choosing the best cat supplies. But with so much gear available for kittens, adult cats, and even elderly pets, you may end up with the wrong items for your kitty if you don't know what you're looking for. This guide can help you navigate the world of cat products, so you can buy exactly what your cat needs.

Selecting Cat Supplies:

  1. Start with your cat's age: Cats require different supplies at different ages, so before you make any decisions, think about her age. The needs of a kitten will contrast sharply from those of a full-grown or senior cat.

    Cat Supplies by Age:

    • Kittens: They're constantly growing and learning, so products that stimulate their senses and teach them important skills are best. Look for cat toys they can play with as they learn how to hunt. They'll also need a cat tree to practice climbing, although it doesn't need to be too large. A litter box for a kitten should be easy to enter, and if you want to use a high-tech litter box (like one that scoops automatically), start using it while your kitty is still young.

    • Adult cats: They'll still benefit from pet toys, particularly toys that help them continue to get exercise. You'll also want to make sure your adult kitty has a good scratching post and a cozy cat bed. Keep using the same type of litter box and litter she's used her whole life; she won't like the change at this point in time. Treats for older kitties may include supplements that will help prevent joint pain and bladder or kidney issues.

  2. Consider the environment: If you have an outdoor cat, the cat supplies it will require will be different from a pampered indoor feline. The climate of your area will also come into play when you are selecting pet supplies.

    Cat Supplies by Environment:

    • Outdoor cats: If you have an outdoor cat, you'll want to give your cat an outdoor cat house; just like a dog house, this will give your cat shelter when the weather is bad or when she is sleeping. A heated cat bed inside will help keep your kitty warm, especially if it gets cold where you live. Your outdoor cat probably won't need toys because she'll find lots of things to play with out there, but you will want to make sure your kitty is always up-to-date on her vaccinations.

    • Indoor cats: Indoor cats will need a good cat tree or scratching post to get plenty of exercise indoors. Cat toys will keep them entertained and busy. Window perches are nice for indoor cats, as they love to be in the warm sunshine. Cat beds and blankets can be placed on your furniture give your kitty a place to nap that will also keep cat hair from spreading too much.

  3. Keep your cat healthy: Cat health supplies are essential to your cat's well-being. In addition to taking your cat to the vet for annual well-cat exams and vaccinations, make sure you find supplies that will keep your cherished pet feeling great.

    Cat Supplies for Health:

    • Exercise: Cat toys are the best way to keep your cat in shape. Try a few different inexpensive toys until you find the style of play she prefers, then stock up on toys she likes and make sure she can access them easily when you're not home.

    • Diet: Remember that not all cat food is created equal; there are specific foods to fit the diets of different ages, sizes, and breeds of cats. A cat food that is grain-free and low in ash may be expensive, but it will keep your cat healthier over time. Cats need lots of water, so make sure you have a good waterer and you keep it full of fresh water. Feeding your cat wet food can also help her stay hydrated. As your cat gets older, talk with your vet about supplements that are suited for your cat's breed and needs.

    • Grooming: Proper grooming not only keeps cat hair off your furniture; it's also essential to your kitty's health and comfort. Read our guide on grooming cats to learn more.

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