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How to Secure a Duvet Cover

by Marie Mulrooney

A duvet cover can protect your comforter from dust, spills, and other dirt, but sometimes getting it on and keeping it in place can be tricky. If you've ever fought to get one onto the duvet or struggled to keep your duvet from slipping around in its cover, then you'll want to follow these tips for securing duvet covers.

Keep Your Duvet in Place:

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  1. Launder and dry the duvet cover.

    Take your freshly laundered duvet cover out of the dryer as soon as it's dry. Hold it by the corners and give it a few brisk shakes. This helps keep it from wrinkling. Turn the duvet cover inside-out and look at the seams to make sure you've got it right. The normally hidden seam allowances should be showing.

  2. Lay the duvet out flat on your bed.

    Place the inside-out duvet cover at the foot of the duvet, with the foot or bottom of the cover touching the foot of the duvet. The open part of the duvet cover should be facing away from the duvet.

  3. Fasten the ties in the corners.

    Most duvet covers have small ties in the corners, and duvets often come with a tab the ties can be knotted around. Tying the top two corners in place should be enough to keep the duvet from slipping around inside its cover. If your cover or your duvet doesn't have these, you may want to sew some in place or use sturdy safety pins.

  4. Grasp the duvet.

    Work your arms through the open part of the duvet cover until you can grasp the duvet. Line up the seam and corners at the foot of the duvet with the seam and corners at the bottom of the cover.

  5. Pull the duvet toward you.

    Pull the duvet toward you, lifting up as you pull, so the duvet cover falls down around the duvet. You may find standing or kneeling with your foot or knee on the bottom opening of the duvet cover helpful. You might also want a friend to help by tugging the duvet cover down as you lift up on the duvet.

  6. Keep pulling.

    Keep pulling until the duvet is completely encased by the now right-side-out duvet cover. Duvets can be heavy, so you may find it necessary to lay the entire thing on the bed again; then lift it up one portion at a time as you work the duvet cover up and over it. Tuck the corners of the duvet into the corners of the duvet cover's open end, which will have a small flap that fits over the duvet corners.

  7. Shut the duvet cover.

    Button, zip, or tie the duvet cover shut. If your duvet cover closes with buttons, start in one corner of the open end and work across to the other corner to make sure you don't skip any buttons.

  8. Shake out the duvet.

    Grasp two corners and give the covered duvet a firm shake to make sure it is smooth and flat. This will also help to fluff up the down inside.