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How to Place Home Office Furniture

by C.M. Mackenzie

Home office with desk and computer

Arranging your home office well means careful placement of the furniture. Keeping comfort and practicality in mind can help your home office be more conducive to work. It's easy to misjudge how a piece of furniture will fit in a room, so take a look at the guide below to learn how to place home office furniture.

Setting Up Your Home Office:

  1. Largest first. Place the largest piece of furniture in the room first. Often, but not always, this is the computer desk. Computer desks should be angled away from windows. In other words, make sure exterior light won't glare against the monitor screen at any time.

  2. Place frequently used furniture near the desk. Move the most frequently used piece of furniture near the desk. This may be a file cabinet, a printer stand or even a coffeepot stand. You won't want to have to get up and walk across the room to refresh your coffee or access a paper file.

  3. Get a better view. Walk outside the room and look in to get a view of how the desk area looks. Walk back to the desk and ask yourself if it is easy enough to get to or could it be positioned better. It should be an easy walk, without dodging protruding tables or chairs.

  4. Add less frequently used items last. Put less frequently used furniture pieces into the room. These may be extra chairs or additional storage cabinets. For safety reasons, make sure nothing obstructs the doorway or windows.


  1. Take advantage of corner space, especially if your room is square. Placing furniture at a diagonal may break up the monotony.

  2. In climates with very cold winters, consider placing the desk away from windows if possible.

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