How to Pay Tribute to Pets that Have Passed Away


People say that losing a pet is like losing a member of your family. If you've ever lost a cherished pet, you know how true this is. You can remember the time you spent with your pet with a beautiful pet memorial. The memory of your pet will be close with you. It's hard enough to lose a pet, and finding the right way to remember him can be just as difficult. With the following list of pet memorial ideas, however, the difficult decision of how to pay tribute to your pet can become a bit easier.

Remembering Beloved Pets:

  1. Pet urns: Cremation is a popular option for many who lose a pet, and veterinary offices often offer this service at a small fee. This allows family members to keep, bury, or scatter the ashes of their pet who has passed away. Choosing a pet urn that represents who your pet was in life is a personal matter that takes a lot of thought and consideration. You may want to choose an urn with a picture frame on the front where you can display a picture of the pet. You could also choose a decorative urn with an animal motif or a statuette urn to resemble the form of your pet in life.

  2. Pet headstones: Depending on the restrictions of the city or county you live in, the burial of pets in your backyard may or may not be possible. Many cities, however, have pet cemeteries, or you could place a headstone in your back yard as a memorial only. Whether in a pet cemetery or your yard, a pet headstone is beautiful way to remember your pet. There are many styles of headstones to choose from, so choosing one that captures the spirit of your beloved pet is important.

  3. Garden decorations: Garden decorations are another way to keep the memory of your pet close if you are unable to bury the remains in your yard. A statuette or engraved stepping stone will only make your garden more beautiful and will give you a daily reminder of the wonderful life your pet led.

  4. Home decorations: A small statuette or picture frame with a photo of your deceased pet can help you keep his memory close to you. By keeping memorials of your pet around your home, you'll be reminded of the wonderful life your pet lead and the companionship he brought to you. A pet-theme picture frame pays special tribute to your animal and is a considerate gift for others who are going through the hard loss of a pet in their own lives.

  5. Pet jewelry: Wearing a reminder of your pet may be a comforting way to keep his memory with you. A necklace with a paw or dog-shaped pendant can be subtle reminder of your pet as well as a stylish accessory.

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