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How to Organize Kids' Bedrooms

by Diane Todd

Kid's bedroom with lots of shelving

A child's interests can change as frequently as his shoe size. With all the phases he's going through, it isn't surprising that his room can easily become disorganized and cluttered. Establishing order in a child's room can be a great opportunity to teach your child how to keep his room clean and organized. Implementing some simple kids' storage and organization guidelines will help you and your child sort out the mess. With the right kids' furniture, you can create a kids' storage system that gives your child a relaxing space all of his own.

Organizing a Kid's Bedroom:

  1. Purge and sort. Because children grow so quickly, it may only take a season for them to build up a pile of outgrown garments. The same is true for toys and decor. Organizing her things means relinquishing the items she no longer needs. Box up old clothing, toys and other items for donation or sale. Sort the things she wants and uses into categories such as clothing, accessories, toys, books and decorations.

  2. Store things where they make sense. The best way to make the most efficient room possible for your child is to keep each item in the area where it will be used. For example, keep clothing, accessories and a mirror near the closet or dresser. Store books and other educational items in a bookcase near the desk. Keep toys in a toy box or storage bins away from the bed, designating that space for sleep and not play. Anything used infrequently can be stored on shelves in clear, plastic containers for easy recognition.

  3. Limit toys. To reduce clutter, you can limit the number of toys in a child's room to only the ones he or she still plays with frequently. Keep favorite or special toys where your child can have easy access to them. Donate old toys or store them in a closet or other storage area.

  4. Keep cleanup simple. To make sure the room remains in order, it needs to be easy for the child to keep it clean on her own. Complicated organizational systems can discourage a child from cleaning up after herself. Make sorting simple with an easy system, like one bin for large toys and one for small. Make sure every item has a proper place, so your child knows where it goes when it's time to put it away.


  1. Give your child a say in the way the room is organized. Including your child in the organization process will empower and encourage him to keep it clean.

  2. If you need more storage space in the room, you can purchase a storage bed or elevate the bed and utilize the space underneath the bed for extra storage room.

  3. Kids love to climb, jump and run. To prevent accidents, make sure shelving and other top-heavy kids' furniture is secured to the wall. Fasten wall hangings to studs with proper hardware. Keep heavy items off high shelves to prevent them from falling on top of a child.

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