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How to Organize Computer Desk Wires

by Sabah Karimi

An organized computer desk

Things You Need:

  • Twist ties
  • Cable management tray
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Black Velcro straps

Tangled computer desk wires that are easily visible in your home office or work office space can be distracting and even dangerous to your work environment. Wires can get pulled by accident, and people can trip over them. Exposed wires can become damaged. One of the first things to do when organizing your computer desk area is to organize and hide wires for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Below, you'll learn how to organize computer desk wires.

Organizing Computer Desk Wires:

  1. Disconnect wires. Disconnect all wires that will be organized. Turn off the power on all of your electrical items and make sure there are no wires still plugged into the wall outlet. This will make it easier to wrap and re-route the wires for organizing.

  2. Wrap wires. Wrap computer desk wires with twist ties. If you have long computer desk wires trailing the floor, use twist ties to loop them together and secure them in place. This will eliminate excess cords in your workspace that are easy to trip over or snag.

  3. Install a cable management tray. Cable management trays can be installed underneath desks or in empty wall space to keep computer desk wires off the floor. Use a screwdriver and screws to mount the back surface of the tray against the wall or desk near the wall outlet.

  4. Manage the wires. Place the wires on the cable management tray. Run the wires along the cable management tray and through the hole so that they can be plugged into the wall outlet.

  5. Velcro the wires. Wrap visible wires with Velcro straps. When you want a cleaner, more uniform and aesthetically appealing workspace, wrap the wire bundles in black Velcro straps, which will also hide the twist ties.

Computer Desk Organization Tips:

  1. Eliminate the hassle of desk wires altogether by investing in wireless desktop products whenever possible or convenient.

  2. Consider investing in a high-quality power strip that will allow you to plug in multiple cords without mixing up the wires.

  3. An old PVC pipe can be used as an alternative to a cable holder.

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