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How to Measure a Desk for a Computer

by Lauren Vork

Wooden desk in a modern office

Things You Need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Notepad
  • Pen or pencil

When it comes to buying office furniture, you want to be sure that your desks and cubicles are big enough and the right shape to accommodate your computer and accessories. To find the right size for a computer desk, collect a few measurements on computer and other office tools and use these details to help you shop smart.

Measuring a Computer Desk:

  1. Measure your monitor and keyboard. Place the monitor and keyboard on a table or on the floor in the position you would typically use them in. Make sure there's a little space between them (at least five or six inches) for comfort and ergonomics. Measure the width and depth of the floor area that they take up. You may also need to write down the height of the monitor. These measurements will be a base work area that you will add to for your desk.

  2. Decide on the location of the computer tower. If you want to keep it on the desktop, add this measurement to your requirements for the top work area. Otherwise, write down the height, width and length of the tower so that you can measure desk cabinets and shelves that you may fit it into.

  3. Check your cord lengths. If the workstation you're looking at has holes for power cords to loop through, make sure that this doesn't interfere with the space you need for the other equipment. Consider whether the cords from your computer tower to the monitor, printer and other devices are long enough to reach through holes in the desk.

  4. Measure your office chair. You'll want to be sure that your chair fits comfortably with your desk. If the chair has armrests, measure their height as well.

  5. Measure space for other desk items and tasks. Make sure your desk has enough space for anything you want to use it for besides computing. Generally, you will want to have at least enough room to comfortably use a pad of paper and a pen, though you may also want room for a phone or even enough space for something like a printer. Measure any of these objects and include these measurements in your search.

  6. Compare your measurements to desks. If you're unable to find desks that match your requirements, you may want to get a little creative with the placement of your monitor, keyboard and other elements. The idea is to find a desk that works best for you.

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