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How to Make Your Bedding Inviting



Have you ever stayed up too late just because your bed didn't seem very inviting? Is the bedding in your dreams better than the place where you do the dreaming? A comfortable bed is easier to have than you may expect. With the right pieces, you can make your bedding more inviting -- so you'll be excited to go to bed.

Inviting Bedding and Accessories:

  1. Decorative pillows make any bed inviting. Three or four throw pillows seem to say "welcome to bed." Add a few accent pillows that tie into the design of your comforter or duvet. The color and the depth created by layering pillows will add style and a look of comfort to your bed. Be careful not to go overboard, however; too many accent pillows will say "there's no room for you."

  2. Mattress toppers increase comfort in an instant. Whether you just need a little extra cushioning on a firm mattress or you need to extend the life of your mattress, you will love what a mattress topper can do for you. Side sleepers will especially appreciate extra softness from a topper. A down featherbed adds billowing luxury to your bed, while a memory foam mattress topper can add a little more support.

  3. A throw blanket will help you feel cozy. Whether folded neatly at the foot of the bed or draped casually across one corner, a throw blanket is excellent at convincing you to lie down. Use it for naps or pull it up as an extra layer on chilly nights. If you need a lot of convincing that it's time to go to bed, look for something that's made of a luxuriously soft material, like cashmere or faux fur, and you may find that you keep moving your bedtime earlier and earlier.

  4. Bedding accessories can help with special needs. If you need something extra in order to sleep well, don't leave it off your bed just because it's unusual. Specialty pillows in particular help many people get a better night's rest. If you wake up with aches in your back, you may need a body pillow or a specially contoured neck pillow. If you're pregnant, you may need a pillow that can support your belly or hips. If you need to sleep with oxygen, you would be happier with a pillow designed to accommodate your mask. If you have significant allergies, you may need to use a pillow protector. Whatever your needs are, there are bedding accessories to help you rest well. Once you have them, you'll look forward to going to bed.

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