How to Make Chair Slipcovers Fit

by Michelle Bell

If your furniture is looking worn and outdated, why not update it with a stylish chair slipcover? Chair slipcovers are an inexpensive way to revive the look of old furniture in just a few minutes. Whether you need to update your dining chairs or a living room chair, you'll want your new chair slipcovers to fit properly. Here's how to get a snug, stylish fit.

Making Chair Slipcovers Fit:

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  1. Completely cover the chair with the slipcover.

    If you're working with an armchair slipcover or a wing chair slipcover, you may need to have another person help you stretch the fabric over the edges. Adjust the fabric of your slipcover until it drapes evenly over the chair. Make sure that the excess fabric at the sides of the chair is the same length, so you can tie your cotton or suede slipcovers back when you're finished.

  2. Form the slipcover to the front of the chair.

    On most upholstered chairs, you can tuck loose fabric into the gaps between cushions. If you are adding dining chair slipcovers, you'll need to pull the fabric as tight as you can against the back of the chair so it looks smooth. Fitted slipcovers with a bit of stretch will be easy to use.

  3. Stretch excess side fabric downward on the back of the chair.

    Smooth out all wrinkling and bunching fabric as you pull your stretch slipcovers down. If you'd like a little more security, pin these "wing" sections of your microfiber or cotton slipcovers to the fabric underneath them, where the seat meets the back of the chair. Hide the safety pins between the fabric pieces of your slipcover. You can also use straight pins to smooth your cotton or suede slipcovers.

  4. Use the ties.

    Most slipcovers for chairs come with ties to tighten the fabric into place. Be sure to tie a firm knot to hold these in place. An armchair slipcover will not usually come with ties.