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How to Maintain Hinges on a 2-drawer Armoire

by Craig Blake

A 2-drawer armoire

Of the many different armoire styles, the 2-drawer armoire is one of the most popular. A 2-drawer armoire generally has, of course, two drawers at the bottom of the armoire as well as two swinging hinged doors that open to spacious closet space. With the hinges swinging back and forth, they are without a doubt the most worked part of a 2-drawer armoire. Hinges on wardrobe armoires are built to endure constant use, but you can extend their life through proper maintenance. Here are a few tips on making sure the hinges on your 2-drawer armoire last as long as possible.

Maintaining a 2-drawer Armoire:

  1. Tighten the screws. Although the actual hinges of a bedroom armoire are generally solid, the screws can sometimes come loose from everyday use. Every so often, check to make sure the screws on your two-drawer armoire are tight. Loose screws can eventually wear the holes too large for the screws to hold the armoire doors straight. If that does happen, stuff the hole with matchsticks dipped in wood glue (with the magnesium tips broken off). Let the matchsticks dry, and then drill the screws into the armoire door at that spot.

  2. Eliminate squeaks. If your 2-drawer armoire is squeaking, it means your hinges are rubbing against themselves. Squeaking hinges on most bedroom armoires probably aren't anything to worry about, but it can get a little annoying. To take care of the squeaks, just spray some WD-40 on the hinges. This will be especially helpful on older antique armoires.

  3. Clean the hinges. Just like every other part on your 2-door armoire, the hinges need to be cleaned occasionally. To clean the hinges on most wardrobe armoires, dip a small scrub brush or toothbrush into a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water. Scrub the hinge until clean. If your 2-door armoire's hinges are sticky, mix baking soda with water and scrub the hinge with it. Make sure to rinse the armoire hinges afterward to get rid of the baking soda. If antique armoire hinges are especially grimy, remove them and let them soak in a mixture of ammonia and water. This isn't just good practice for 2-drawer bedroom armoires, but also for TV armoires, computer armoires, jewelry armoires or any other type of hinged armoire.

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