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How to Maintain Bar Tables

by Craig Blake

Bar table and chairs by a window

Getting new bar tables can breathe new life into your bar or lounge. Even the living room and family room are perfect places for bar tables. However, you probably won't be replacing your bar furniture every year for that same fresh feeling. Instead of letting your bar or lounge area fade with the years, apply some careful maintenance to make sure the appeal of your pub tables stays in full force throughout the years. Here are some tips that will help you keep bar tables in top condition for years to come.

Caring for Bar Tables:

  1. Prevention: Your bar or bistro tables are probably going to see their fair share of drinks, which means they can easily get rings from the base of cups and glasses. Instead of waiting until it's a problem, prevent drink rings from becoming a big deal. Your best bet is to buy some drink coasters to be used exclusively on your bar tables. If you would rather not deal with coasters, then make sure you wipe down your pub table after every use with a soft, damp cloth. It doesn't have to be a big deal, just pick up any sticky residue and any drink circles.

  2. Routine cleaning: About once a week, make sure to wipe down your entire pub table set. It doesn't have to be an incredibly deep cleaning, but use a damp cloth with a cleaner. Make sure to select a cleaner that is friendly to your material, whether your bar table set is made of wood, plastic, metal or whatever. Afterward, be sure to dry the furniture completely. Don't forget to clean your bar stools in the process.

  3. Emergency procedures: If there is a spill, and there is bound to be sooner or later, all is not lost. If your bar is made of plastic or metal, cleaning will be pretty simple; just wipe it down with a metal or plastic-friendly cleaner, wipe it down with water and dry it up. If you spill on a wood bar table, wipe up the liquid immediately. If the spill has left a sticky residue, try rubbing it with some white, non-gel toothpaste and then wipe it clean. That should lift off the residue.

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