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How to Install a Bathroom Light Fixture

by Laura Leiva

Bathroom light fixture wall sconce

Things You Need:

  • Light fixture
  • Screwdriver
  • Circuit tester
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire nuts

One way to update any bathroom is to replace your old bathroom lighting. Installing a new bathroom light fixture improves the overall appearance of the room without costing a lot of money. You may choose to use a light fixture that is a focal point of the room or one that offers plenty of light over the sink and mirror. Adding a bathroom light fixture that offers more light also helps any bathroom appear larger and brighter. You can intall bathroom lighting yourself if you follow a few basic steps.

Installing a Bathroom Light Fixture:

  1. Cut the power to the work area. Go to your home's main electrical box and shut off power to the bathroom where you will install the light fixture.

  2. Remove the old light fixture. Once the power is off, remove any bulbs and fixtures from the wall. Use a screwdriver to remove the old bathroom light fixture from the wall.

    • Use a circuit tester to test the wiring to ensure it's safe to disconnect the bath lighting wires. If the circuit tester shows that power is off, disconnect the wiring to remove the original light fixture from the wall. If the test shows that power is on, return to the electrical box to switch off the power.

    • Check that the existing wires are not crimped or tarnished. If they are, use a pair of wire strippers to remove 0.5 inches of wire sheath from the bottom of the wires to expose new wire. Cut off damaged ends with wire cutters.

  3. Install the new mounting bracket. Attach the mounting bracket found in the supplies of the new fixture to the electrical box in the wall with a screwdriver and provided screws. The electrical box has designated screw holes on the outside edge where you will attach the new bracket, which is where the original light-fixture mounting bracket was attached prior to removal.

  4. Attach the new light fixture wires and mount the light fixture. The new light fixture will have two colors of wiring that should match the wires in your wall. Attach like-colored wires from the light fixture to the wires in the wall. Secure and protect the wire connections with a wire nut, and then place the wires into the electrical box in the wall. Attach the new light fixture to the mounting bracket and make sure it is firmly secured.

  5. Add the finishing touches. Attach the proper wattage light bulbs for the fixture and any glass coverings that go with the fixture.

  6. Restore power. Return to the electrical box to turn the power back on for the bathroom and test your new bathroom lighting.

Light Fixture Installation Warning:

  1. Exercise extreme caution when working around electricity. If you see sparks or smell something burning when you turn on a new light fixture, shut off the power to that area immediately and contact a professional electrician for service.

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