How to Give Your Sofa a Makeover



Things You Need:

  • Tape measure
  • Slipcover
  • Throw pillows
  • Throw blankets

Of all your furniture, your sofa may be the most intimidating to update. It's a key piece of your living room, but giving it a makeover isn't as difficult as you might imagine. With a few simple steps, your sofa will have a fresh look, and your whole living room will feel renewed.

Sofa Makeover Tips:

  1. Look it up: It doesn't hurt to get ideas from other people, whether it's your neighbors or the internet. Look online at photos of sofas you like, and determine what aspects you're drawn to. is a great place to look for inspiration. Whether you're interested in colors, patterns, materials, or general style, take notes and keep them in mind as you go forward with your sofa makeover.

  2. Clean it up: Make sure your sofa is clean before you do anything else to it. Use a lint roller to remove pet hair, and use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean away dust and debris. Check the care tags, and then use the appropriate products to clean any spots.

  3. Cover it up: If you're looking for a whole new take on your sofa, your best option is often a slipcover. Use your tape measure to get the precise dimensions of your sofa and find a slipcover that fits both your sofa and your style. Now is your chance to pick your sofas fabric, color, and pattern. Faux leather, microsuede, and striped cotton are just a few options available to you when you decide to redecorate your living room sofa.

  4. Dress it up: Throw blankets and pillows can really add to the overall look of your sofa. Throw blankets are also a cozy way to make your home more comfortable. Look for one in a contrasting color to make it pop, or choose one in a similar color but a different texture than the slipcover for a restful feeling. Throw pillows add visual interest as well as something soft to lean on. Pick a couple with interesting colors or patterns. You could even change them out with the seasons.

  5. Mix it up: If you also have a loveseat or a recliner, you may want to get a new cover for it as well. These offer a quick and easy way to freshen up a piece of old furniture. A matching slipcover looks nice, but you could also do something in a different color or print that coordinates. Don't be afraid to try something bold: A bright red or flowered cover is sure to brighten up any living room decor.

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