How to Get Started Playing Darts


Learning how to play darts is easy, and you can spend the rest of your life mastering the game. A dartboard makes for a great addition to a den or rec room, and after some practice at home, you can have a better time throwing darts at your favorite sports bar. Here's how to get started playing darts.

Getting Started with Darts:

  1. Establish a proper area for darts. You want a clear, low-traffic area with no fragile or valuable objects near the dartboard, especially if you're just learning how to play. Your darts may not make it to the intended target until you have the opportunity to get some practice. If you want to avoid a bunch of little holes in the wall from the darts that miss the dartboard, mount your dartboard on a piece of corkboard or wood. This way any holes that show up will be in the wood and not your wall.

  2. Set up your dartboard. Most dartboards are held in place on the wall by a nail. Regulations state that the center of the dartboard should be at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. You'll then need to measure 7 feet and 9 1/4 inches out from the dartboard face and make a mark there. You must stand behind this mark while throwing the darts for your throw and any points you get to count.

  3. Understand the scoring. Each segment of the dartboard is marked with a number that states how many points it is worth. The outer ring of small segments is worth double the number, while the inner ring of small segments is worth triple. The bull's eye (circle around the very center) is worth 25 and the double bull's eye (direct center) is worth 50.

  4. Decide who goes first. Traditionally, this is accomplished by throwing a dart to see who gets closest to the bull's eye. However, you could also try throwing for a high number or use another standard method, such as a coin toss.

  5. Throw three darts. In all dart games, each player throws three darts in succession, calculates the score, and then removes the darts, so the other player will have a clean dartboard. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. Most dartboards will come with instructions for varying styles of play.

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