How to Find Large Appliances to Fit Your Life



Large appliances help make maintaining a home much easier and more convenient. But whether you have just bought a house and are looking to outfit it with large appliances or you're upgrading what you already have, you may be unsure about which ones are right for your home. These tips will help you find the right appliances for you and your lifestyle.

Pick Your Perfect Appliances:

  1. Refrigerator: Consider which type of refrigerator will best fit your lifestyle: a side-by-side freezer/refrigerator, a bottom -mounted refrigerator, or a top-mounted refrigerator. Side-by-side refrigerators are more energy efficient, while a bottom-mounted refrigerator is the least expensive choice. Top-mounted refrigerators are easier to use because adults won't have to hunch over as often. If you are having a hard time deciding, refer to this refrigerator fact sheet for more details that can help you with your choice. Once you've decided on the style of fridge, make sure to measure the space it will fit in before you purchase it.

  2. Ranges and ovens: When buying a new range and oven, the first thing you need to do is check to make sure you have a gas line in the kitchen. If you don't, buy an electric range. Electric ranges are easier to clean than gas ranges, and some offer features like automatic shut-off burners. Cooks tend to prefer gas ranges, as they provide more accurate cooking temperatures.

  3. Washing machines and dryers: As anyone who has ever had to trek to the local laundromat to wash their clothes will tell you, having a washer and dryer in your home is a wonderful convenience. When buying a washing machine and dryer, first consider the capacity. Ask yourself, how often do you do laundry, and how big are the loads? If you buy too small of a washer and dryer, you will be doing laundry more often, but buying too large will waste money and energy. Front-loading washing machines tend to use less water and less energy, saving you money in the long run. Energy-efficient dryers feature a sensor that turns the machine off when your clothes are dry. Both are excellent choices to keep your utility bills down. As with ovens, you'll need to check and see if your dryer will be gas-powered or electic.

  4. Range hood: A range hood can be an important purchase. In addition to removing odors from your kitchen, a range hood can change the look of the entire room. There are various styles of range hoods, so you can pick the one that best complements your decor. Stainless steel hoods are quite popular because of the clean look, durability, and ease of cleaning. You want to make sure you have accurate measurements before you actually purchase a range hood since it will be placed between your cabinets.

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