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How to Exercise on a Trampoline

by Staff Writer

Work out trampoline

One way to make exercise more exciting is to exercise on a trampoline. Mini trampolines, or "rebounders," have become a very popular way to work some low-impact aerobic activity into your day. The soft rebound of the trampoline reduces stress on the joints while still working your muscles and lungs. Mini trampolines also let you stay inside while you work out, and they are one of the more affordable pieces of exercise equipment. If you're considering buying a rebounder for exercise, or if you already have one and aren't sure how to use it, keep reading for information on how to exercise on a trampoline.

Trampoline Exercises:

  1. Get started. Stand on your rebounder trampoline with bare feet. Start by bouncing. Small jumps will begin your trampoline exercises. You do not need to take large leaps to bounce effectively. Short quick bounces will get you warmed up and comfortable with your trampoline.

  2. Jog on the trampoline. While bouncing, alternate raising one knee slightly like you are jogging. When you become comfortable with this trampoline exercise, try raising your knees higher for an added workout.

  3. Add some scissor motions. Put your right foot forward and your left foot back. With each bounce, alternate your feet. This exercise begins to raise your metabolism and helps strengthen stabilizer muscles, which increases balance control.

  4. Turn in a circle while bouncing. Remember to rotate left and right circles so you do not become dizzy. After learning to keep your balance, add back-and-fourth jumps to the exercise. Turn in a circle for one jump and then jump back. Continue the circle, alternating the back-and-forth motion. If this exercise is difficult at first, consider having a spotter nearby to help prevent injury should you stumble.

  5. Stay mobile. Start out at five-minute intervals every day. Increase the amount of time weekly. Any movement you complete on the trampoline will raise your heart rate and increase your metabolism, improving your overall health. Try different jumps, positions and motions while working out on a rebounder trampoline.

  6. Cool down. As with every exercise, it is best to slowly cool down by gradually reducing your level of exertion. Return to short bounces before stopping your trampoline exercise session.


  1. If you are performing high jumps or difficult maneuvers, use a spotter. A spotter can prevent injuries by catching you or breaking your fall.

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