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How to Do Basic Crochet

by Catherine Chant


Things You Need:

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn

Crocheting is a fun and rewarding hobby. With just a few simple supplies and a bit of practice, you can teach yourself how to crochet clothing, household items, toys, accessories, and even jewelry to use for yourself or give as gifts. Once you have mastered basic crochet stitches, you will be able to follow any crocheting pattern and make almost anything out of yarn. When you are ready to start crocheting, begin with these tips.

Basic Crocheting:

  1. Start your project. When you are first learning how to crochet, consider making simple items or even perform practice stitches before starting a project. To start a basic crochet project, form a slipknot at the end of a strand of yarn. The yarn should still be connected to the ball or original package, as you will want to work with one long strand of yarn when crocheting. Place the slip knot on your hook and pull on the longer strand to tighten it.

  2. Create your chain stitches. Hold the crochet hook comfortably. Many crocheters like to hold their crochet hook like they would hold a pencil or a knife, but the technique is not important as long as your hold feels natural. Wrap the strand of yarn around the hook clockwise and catch it in the curved top of the hook, then pull it down through the loop on the hook. This is called a chain stitch. Repeat this process until you have created ten chain stitches.

  3. Create your slip stitches. Insert the hook under the top loop of the second chain stitch. Wrap the yarn around the hook like you did for the chain stitches and pull the yarn through both the chain stitch and the loop on the hook. This is a slip stitch. Create a row of slip stitches across the entire chain and then turn your work so the hook remains to the right of the row of stitches.

  4. Create your single crochet stitches. Wrap the yarn around the hook and make a chain stitch. Insert the hook under the two top loops on the slip stitch closest to the hook, wrap the yarn around the hook, and pull the yarn through the slip stitch. You should now have two loops on your hook. Pull the yarn around the hook again and then through the two loops on the hook. This is the single crochet stitch. Create a row of single crochet stitches in each slip stitch that you have crocheted to complete the process. Repeat these steps until you have crocheted enough stitches for your project.

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