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How to Design a Boy's Bedroom

by Nina Makofsky

Boy's bedroom

Once upon a time, designing a boy's bedroom may have been as simple as throwing a blue plaid blanket on the bed, placing a toy box in the corner and calling it a day. These days, however, you can design boys' bedrooms to suit their busy lives and diverse interests. Create a plan that consists of multipurpose kids' furniture, smart storage solutions and decorative elements that they appreciate.

Designing a Boy's Bedroom:

  1. Clear the room. To properly design and decorate a boy's bedroom, you need a clean palette. Take this opportunity to edit your boy's belongings. Lose the broken toys, too-small clothing and duplicated or unused items to give him access to the possessions he wants and needs. Clean all surfaces, including corners, trim, door frames, window frames and floors.

  2. Choose timeless furniture. Eventually, your little boy will outgrow his childhood furniture, but if you select wisely, kids' furniture can last many years longer. Kids' furniture with multiuse potential can grow with your child. Some changing tables can be transformed into dressers or desk, and a toddler bed with removable rails can last your toddler well into his teens. If you want to avoid having to replace your little boy's bedroom furniture every couple of years, avoid choosing furniture in baby colors or decorated with baby themes. Bedspreads, wall decor and other decorative accessories are much less expensive to replace than furniture as your child's interests change.

  3. Create open and hidden storage options. A closet with a small bookshelf inside helps to organize T-shirts and shoes. A floating shelf in the corner and the top of a low shelf or cabinet can hold baskets, buckets or boxes for organizing and storing toys. Go with translucent tones, so he can see the objects inside, or have him draw picture labels for the boxes.

  4. Accessorize. A framed mirror or cork board provides a place for tucking photographs, drawings and souvenirs. A tent-like canopy or a mosquito net adds a sense of adventure to the room. Bright paper or silk lanterns add pools of color over the bed or in a dark corner.

Tips and Warnings:

  1. Let your boy participate in some of the bedroom decoration. He can paint the toy box to look like a treasure chest or paint a thematic mural on a sheet to hang on the wall.

  2. Bedrooms for young children should not feature low-hanging pull cords, drapes or canopies.

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