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How to Decorate Book Shelves

by Emily Lloyd

Decorated book shelves

It's important to realize that your book shelves and cases can be as chic and trendy as your other furniture. Your shelves can do more than just hold books. Adding a personal touch to your home's book shelves will make them a valuable and pleasant addition to any room. You don't have to add much to your book cases to make them stand out. Below is a list of suggestions on how to decorate book shelves.

Decorating Book Shelves:

  1. Break it up. One of the main reasons book shelves are considered plain and boring pieces of furniture is because of the way the books are arranged. Most people just line the books up row by row, which creates predictable and unbroken horizontal lines running through the book shelf. Instead of shelving your books the same way on each book shelf, consider laying some books flat on the shelf and stacking other books on top of them. This is a clever way to break up the monotony of horizontal lines. You can also add variety to your bookshelves by altering the height of your shelves. This lets you fit more on your shelf and creates a visually appealing display.

  2. Add variety. You can also break up the horizontal lines on a book shelf by including other items besides books. There are a variety of other items that you can add to your bookshelves that will enhance your room's appearance. Such items include picture frames, plants, statues, clocks or awards. Place these items next to your stacked books or in front of lined books for additional depth, texture and color.

  3. Install lights. Lit-up shelves add a whole new dimension to your living room or library. It doesn't matter whether you use a floor lamp or install lights in your book shelf because both versions give your shelves a classy look. You can also employ ceiling spotlights that shine directly on your books. These bright lights create deep shadows and interesting textures.

  4. Arrange your books. Large and heavy books belong on lower shelves. These anchor your bookcase and make it look properly proportioned. If you'd like, you can also arrange your books according to height, subject, author or color.

  5. Remember the top of the shelf. If people find the top shelf too high to comfortably reach for books, then consider placing some plants or other decorative items there instead of leaving it bare. Don't forget to add some additional items to the top of your book shelf as well. Leaving the top of your book shelves bare can make them look off-balance.

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