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How to Create Beaded-card Embroidery Projects

by R. Lindley


Things You Need:

  • Beaded-card embroidery kit
  • Craft card
  • Fabric
  • Beading needle
  • Thread
  • Cross-stitch pattern
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pendant backing
  • Ring form
  • Earring form
  • Frame

Beaded-card embroidery is a fun and interesting creative hobby. Using a technique that is similar to cross-stitch and a few beading supplies and tools, you can create beaded mosaic designs to use as artwork in your home or wear as jewelry or personal accessories. Beaded-card embroidery is simple to learn and can be a fantastic creative outlet and a great way to create personal gifts for family and friends. If you enjoy working with beads, then you will love beaded-card embroidery.


  1. Consider beaded-card embroidery kits. If you are new to beaded-card embroidery and don’t have much experience with cross-stitch or beading supplies and tools, then you might consider purchasing a beaded-card embroidery kit. These kits will include the card, pattern, beads and other supplies required to make several beaded-card embroidery items. Beaded-card embroidery kits also make great gifts for creative young people or anyone who loves crafts.

  2. Create your beaded-card embroidery designs from scratch. If you have a little bit of craft or cross-stitch experience, then you can easily create beaded-card embroidery art and jewelry with various supplies. You will need a card -- 3-by-5 cards and craft cards are good choices -- fabric, beads, a needle, thread and a design. You can draw your own design for your beaded-card embroidery or you can use a design from a magazine or cross-stitch pattern.

  3. Assemble your card. Before you start on your beaded-card embroidery, you should transfer your image to the card you are using and place fabric on top of the card to give the embroidery a polished look. Most beaded-card embroidery kits will come with the image and fabric already on the card or simple instructions on how to attach them. If you have chosen to make your beaded-card embroidery without a kit, then you can place your image in-between the card and fabric. Use a lightweight fabric, such as muslin, so that you can see the image and use it as a guide. Spray adhesive is perfect for attaching the card to the image and the image to the fabric. If you have experience with or a natural talent for art, you might prefer to create your beaded-card embroidery without a pattern or image design.

  4. Apply your beading. With all of your beads and supplies handy, you are ready to start on your embroidery. Thread a needle with thread that matches the beads you are using. Beading needles are recommended because they are thinner than other needles, making it easy to thread the beads. Insert the needle up through the back of the card and the fabric and then thread the bead onto the needle. Hold the bead in place on the card and insert your needle back down through the fabric and the card. There are many methods and designs for creating intricate bead embroidery. You might consider using a variety of bead sizes or applying large accent beads first and then filling in the holes with smaller beads. With time, you will find your own rhythm and incorporate your own personal flair. This is where you get to let your creative side shine!

  5. Turn your beaded-card embroidery into jewelry and home accessories. Once you have completely covered the pattern on the card with beads, cut out the shape of the pattern. Small beaded-card embroidery designs are perfect for use in jewelry. Fasten a design onto a pendant backing or ring or earring form for a beautiful piece of jewelry that is completely unique. You can also frame beaded-card embroidery and hang it on the wall or fasten your design to a jewelry box, book cover, handbag or lamp shade. The possibilities are endless with beautiful beaded-card embroidery designs!

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