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How to Create a Stimulating Baby Nursery

by April Sanders

Nursery decor

Things You Need:

  • Baby books
  • Developmental toys
  • Music
  • Mobile

Many parents eagerly anticipate setting up and decorating their new baby's nursery. It is fun to choose cute nursery decor and baby furniture, and some parents even choose a unifying theme to tie the whole room together. While safety is always the number one concern when creating a nursery, it is also important to incorporate items and designs that will stimulate your baby's development. There are a lot of loud, flashy, busy baby toys on the market, and it may seem like the flashier the toy, the better to stimulate your baby gets; but in reality, the best forms of stimulating nursery decor are the simplest.

Decorating a Nursery:

  1. Stimulate the eyes. Decorate with bright, contrasting colors and patterns. While pale pink and baby blue are traditional colors for a nursery, babies actually respond more strongly to vibrant colors. This does not mean you need to make the room look like a circus. The room should be a soothing place for your baby to sleep. Instead, decorate the room with a few well-chosen, brightly colored items, such as a blanket, crib mobile or lights strung on the ceiling.

  2. Stimulate the ears. Place a CD player in the nursery. Babies love music. Play soft music to lull your baby to sleep and upbeat music during play time. Expose your baby to a wide variety of musical styles.

  3. Stimulate motor development. Babies don't need buckets of toys. The benefits of a few quality baby toys are often far greater for developing motor skills and coordination than mass quantities of toys. Stock your baby's nursery with some classic toys for learning and growing, such as blocks for finger and hand manipulation and lightweight balls for hand-eye coordination.

  4. Stimulate language development. Babies love to listen to you read. Place a comfortable chair in the nursery and use it to sit, snuggle and visit with your baby. A basket full of colorful baby books next to the chair is the ideal accessory for stimulating language development. Frequent one-on-one interaction with your baby stimulates the language center of the brain. Simply looking at your baby while reading and talking to him is one of the most important things you can do to stimulate his brain.

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