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How to Clean and Maintain Jogging Strollers



You don't have to give up your morning jog after you have a baby. Jogging strollers let you take her along for the ride. You'll want to make sure you get the most out of your baby gear, though, and proper care and maintenance will help prolong the life of your stroller. Since jogging strollers get a lot more wear and tear than standard strollers, it's extra important to take good care of it, so it will take good care of your baby.

Take Care of Your Stroller:

  1. Clean the seat: Begin by vacuuming all crumbs and dirt from the seat and fabric of your stroller. Next, remove the cushions and all removable covers from the jogger stroller and either hand or machine wash, according to the specific washing instructions of your jogging stroller cushions. Babies have sensitive skin, so make sure to use only gentle detergent on your stroller to prevent irritation.

  2. Scrub accessories: A lot of dirt and grime can build up on the snack tray, toys, cup holders, and other accessories on your jogging stroller, especially when you're jogging trails. Scrub all your stroller accessories with warm water and gentle soap and rinse them thoroughly. Don't forget the handle of the baby stroller; you'll want to protect your own hands from dirt and grime buildup, too.

  3. Remove dust and dirt: Your jogging stroller is bound to get pretty dirty when you're jogging trails and roads with it every day. With a damp cloth and warm water, wipe down the frame and wheels of the jogger stroller. For mud and heavier dirt, you may need to scrub the stroller or spray it with a hose to get it clean.

  4. Check hardware and wheels: Dirt and debris can easily get trapped in the joints and wheel axles on your jogging stroller. Check the hardware on your baby stroller and look for dirt, twigs, and leaves that may be caught. Clean all the dirt and debris from joints and wheels, and then oil any parts that don't function smoothly.

  5. Air dry: It's important to let your stroller and stroller cushions dry completely before folding the stroller up to avoid mildew and mold growth. Leave your jogging stroller, accessories, and cushions open outside or in a well-ventilated room until all components are completely dry.

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