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How to Clean and Care for Coleman Tents

by Craig Blake

One-man Coleman tent

Coleman tents are a major component of a safe, comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. But even the best Coleman tents depend on proper care and cleaning to make sure they can last. There are a few things you can do to make sure your Coleman tent will last for years to come. The next time you go camping, you won't have to worry about sleeping in a grubby tent or damage caused by poor maintenance as long as you follow a few important steps.

Cleaning Your Coleman Tent:

  1. Sweep out the tent: Before you pack them up, make sure to sweep out your Coleman tents. Next time you set up your tent, you won't want to find a collection of dirt or leaves from your last camping destination. Sweeping now will save time later, and it will make sure your Coleman tent stays dust-free.

  2. Keep your Coleman tent dry: If possible, only pack up your Coleman tents if they are dry. Leaving a tent in a bag for a long period of time will cause it to mildew. Even if you are able to clean off the mold and decay later on, the smell won't make it a very pleasant place to stay on your next trip. If a storm or other bad conditions force you to pack up your Coleman tent in a rush, make sure to let it air out when you get home. Pitch your tent in your backyard to let it dry before rolling it back up.

  3. Beware of sun damage: If you are going to pitch any Coleman tents for a long period of time, try to place them under shade. Long-term exposure to the sun will eventually cause some wear on the tent's surface, as it will on any fabric. If no shade is available, use the storm flap. In addition to rescuing you from a sudden rain storm, it will protect the tent's surface from damaging UV rays.

  4. Pull up the stakes: When your trip is over, don't pull up the stakes by the loops at the bottom of the tent. Repeated tugging on the fabric could cause it to rip. Make sure your Coleman tents avoid unnecessary damage by pulling on the stake itself. If you have trouble with a stubborn stake, pull it up with the back end of a hammer or a stake puller.

  5. Take care of the tent poles: Don't tug too hard on your Coleman tent's poles. Pulling too hard can ruin the elastic within the poles. When assembling Coleman tents, push the poles through the loops, don't pull. When you're taking your tents down, don't snap the poles together. Collapse them carefully to avoid damage to the actual pole or unnecessary strain to the shock-chords.

  6. Roll up your tent: When you are rolling up Coleman tents, make sure to leave a place for air to escape. This will make it much easier for you to pack your tent tightly and will make sure no parts of the fabric undergo strain as you put your Coleman tent away.

  7. Clean your Coleman tent: Never use a washing machine to clean Coleman tents. If they need to be cleaned, use mild soap and a sponge or washcloth. Make sure it's completely dry before you pack up your Coleman tent.

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