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How to Clean an Air Hockey Table

by Randall Shatto

Air hockey

Dust and dirt can create a mess on an air hockey table. Even minimal dust can cause the puck to veer off course. Additionally, it may cause a slowdown in the movement of the puck. When the family plays and friends come over, dirt from fingerprints or hand smudges are common. It is important to clean an air hockey table thoroughly at least once a month -- or more often if you prefer. Like all game tables, air hockey tables are at their best when they are clean.

Cleaning an Air Hockey Table:

  1. Turn on the game table. The blowers will remove and loosen dust and dirt from the game table holes.

  2. Wipe a soft cloth over the table to eliminate most of the dust. Start at one end and walk along the side, sweeping the dust. Repeat for the other side of the table. Then dust the puck and paddles.

  3. Shake the cloth out, away from the table. If dust or dirt covers the cloth, use a fresh, clean soft cloth. Spray about four squirts of window cleaner on the rag.

  4. Wipe down the play area of the table. Clean the table in a straight row from left to right. Then pick up the cloth and wipe again from left to right. Complete the process until the entire table is clean. Be gentle, as you do not want to put undue pressure on the surface of the table.

  5. Leave the game table turned on so the air can dry the table quickly. Check back in roughly an hour. If the air hockey table is dry, turn it off.

Air Hockey Table Tips:

  1. Always place a cover over the air hockey table when not in use. Possible covers include bed sheets or pool table covers.

  2. Clean the puck and paddles often in addition to the game table.

  3. Never use abrasive cleaning chemicals or supplies. Scratching the table and causing ruts in the finish can occur when using the wrong cleaning products.

  4. Never pour any type of liquid directly on the table. The standing liquid can roll into the air holes and cause damage.

  5. Never keep beverages in the play area. Spills can accidentally happen and can damage the table. Wipe up spills immediately with a clean cloth.

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