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How to Clean a Sleeper Sofa

by Emily Lloyd

White sleeper couch

Things You Need:

  • Vacuum with a brush attachment
  • Couch cleaner
  • Clean rag

Taking the time to clean your sleeper sofa will help you be prepared for any unexpected guests. In addition to preparedness, you'll also help to cut down on the amount of crumbs and dust bunnies in your home. Sleeper sofas, also called sofa beds, are necessary living room furniture for your home, and taking good care of your sleeper sofa should be a high priority. They're pretty easy to care for, and as long as you perform regular maintenance on your sleeper sofa, it should last you many years. Keep reading for instructions on how to clean a sleeper sofa.

Cleaning a Sleeper Sofa:

  1. Clean the couch body. Start by vacuuming and spot treating the body of your sleeper sofa. This helps to remove dust and crumbs and keeps them from falling onto the sleeper sofa's mattress.

  2. Unfold the sleeper sofa and remove the bedding. Make sure you have enough room to fully unfold the sleeper sofa. Unfold the sofa completely and remove the bedding. Vacuum deep in the crevices to catch all the dust.

  3. Wipe down the bed frame and legs. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the legs and frame of your furniture to remove dust. Avoid getting water or cleaner on the material of your sofa sleeper, especially if you have a leather sofa, since the liquid could ruin the fabric.

  4. Wash the bedding. Washing the sleeper sofa's bedding as soon as guests leave will help cut down on odor and promote freshness. This also helps to get rid of dust mites.

  5. Vacuum and spot treat the mattress. Once the bedding is removed, use the vacuum to remove any extra dust that might have been left behind. Check the mattress for any new spots or stains and spot treat as you deem necessary. Flipping your mattress regularly will prevent indentations from forming. By following these simple steps, you'll extend the life of your mattress.

  6. Replace the bedding and fold up the sleeper sofa. Your sleeper sofa is ready for use or storage with a clean set of sheets. You'll be prepared with a soft and clean bed for the next set of guests that show up on your doorstep.

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