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How to Clean a Kid's Table and Chairs

by Emily Lloyd

Two little boys sitting at a sports themed table

Things You Need:

  • Cleaning rag or sponge
  • Water
  • Mild soap
  • Cleaning agent

Keeping a kid's table and chairs clean sometimes feels next to impossible. Kids are naturally energetic beings, and they move quickly from one activity to the next, often leaving behind whatever they were working on, playing with or eating. Most messes on a kid's table and chairs can turn into stains if not taken care of right away. Kids' furniture can look more like a messy canvas than an actual kid's table, but they can become clean and spotless once again. Keep reading for tips on how to clean a kid's table and chairs.

Cleaning Kids' Tables and Chairs:

  1. Identify the stain. Is the stain on the table and chairs a doodle from a permanent marker or washable one? Are those spots food stains or paint drippings? In order to have the best possible chance at removing the stain, do some research before trying to wipe it off the table and chairs. Find out what the stain is before you start trying to clean it. You might make it worse if you don't have the right equipment.

  2. Find the right cleaner. Some stains need special chemicals to remove them completely, but avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning kids' furniture. If the stain is from food spots, then warm water and mild dish detergent will usually get rid the unsightly spots. Permanent marker requires something stronger. Some people recommend non-acetone nail polish remover for permanent marker stains. (Always test a discreet area before using it.) If you're just performing regular maintenance on your kid's table and chairs, then you'll be able to clean them with just regular disinfectant.

  3. Work on the stain. Using the correct cleaning agent, some elbow grease and a little patience, you should be able to get the spots off. Don't be timid when scrubbing at a stain. Be firm. Really work at it until it comes off. It may take several tries, but in the end, you'll have a clean table and chair set for your child to play on again.

  4. Dry off the table and chairs. You may want to rinse off the table and chairs with mild soap and water after you've removed the stain to make sure all traces of the cleaning agent are gone. Sanitize your kid's table and chairs as well after you've cleaned them to make sure that all traces of the stain are gone, and then dry them thoroughly to prevent mold and mildew.

Tip from

  1. Kids' play tables and chairs should be cleaned on a regular basis to cut down on the amount of germs in a children's play area. Disinfectant wipes provide satisfactory results.

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