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How to Choose Which Perfume to Wear

by L. Sefcik

Woman testing perfume

Perfume is an important accessory that adds a final touch to your personal presentation. The right women's fragrances can evoke feelings and memories and change how people perceive you. Whether you are looking for a perfume to become your signature weekday scent or a fragrance to wear on special occasions, there are a few guidelines that can help you choose the right perfume.

Choosing Perfume:

  1. Choose perfumes that work with your body chemistry. Many people find it difficult to believe, but different scents do react with people's skin differently. We all have our own body scent that is slightly different than everyone around us, though it is undetectable. While it is important to know what types of perfume will react well with your body chemistry, it is not necessary to sample each fragrance that is available; simply knowing what types of scents are complementary to you can guide you in your perfume purchases.

  2. Consider venue. It is a good idea to think about where you are going when you are selecting a perfume to wear. When dressing for work, for example, you might consider wearing a perfume that is light and clean. Heavy scents can overpower you in close quarters and may even bother someone who sits next to you. Crisp, fruity and light floral scents are good choices for work, school and other enclosed venues, while bold oriental perfumes and musky fragrances can shine at outdoor parties and formal evening events.

  3. Take the time of year into account.Certain perfumes wear better at specific times of the year. A heavy, spicy scent, for example, can be overwhelming on a hot summer day but warm and welcoming during the winter. Fresh floral fragrances with leafy green notes are wonderful for spring, while light and sweet scents with fruity notes work well during hot summer months. Food-scented perfumes, such as those with vanilla and cinnamon, are perfect for cold fall days while musky fragrances complement your best holiday outfit.

  4. Select perfume for you. While we all like to smell nice for those around us, your perfume will be detected mostly by you. Wearing a scent that reminds you of your wedding day or favorite vacation is a great way to give yourself a lift throughout the day. Fragrance and memory are intricately linked, so wearing an earthy green fragrance can remind you of childhood memories in the back yard, while a spicy perfume can conjure up pleasant thoughts of your favorite Thanksgiving dinner.

  5. Purchase a variety of perfumes. Having a variety of different perfumes on hand will allow you to choose the right scent for the venue and time of year while selecting one with a personal connection. If you like the idea of having a signature scent, keep a few of your favorites on hand so that you will always be able to choose something appropriate and complementary. Try not to limit yourself to one fragrance family. Having a few floral scents, a couple of musky colognes and one or two food-scented perfumes in your collection will give you plenty of choices, making it easy to select the right one.

Fragrance Tip:

  1. Store your perfumes out of direct sunlight and at room temperature to ensure that they stay fresh.

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