How to Choose the Perfect Valentine's Day Card



Cards have always been an important part of Valentine's Day. From passing out valentines and candy to your classmates to letting someone special know what they mean to you, a card is the perfect way to put into words exactly how you feel. As you're preparing to send your Valentine's cards this year, consider the following tips to help you choose the perfect card, whether it's for your friend, a family member, or that special someone.

Choosing a Valentine's Card:

  1. Think about who it's for. Valentine's Day is traditionally for lovers, but it's grown to be a day where you show your appreciation for all of your loved ones. Luckily, there are plenty of Valentine's cards out there geared toward your mom, children, friends, and yes, that special someone, too. Look for cards that convey the proper tone for the intended recipient.

  2. Look at the artwork. The perfect card will look as good as the sentiments expressed. Again, consider the tastes of the recipient. You may like a bright, loud design, but a subtle, classic look may suit your recipient better. That doesn't mean you should buy a card you don't like, however. The best cards are just as fun to give as they are to receive, so try to find a card that suits both your tastes.

  3. Find the right words. The most important part of your Valentine's Day card is what it says. Think about your feelings toward the recipient and look for the card that best conveys those feelings. It might be a bright, fun hello, or maybe it's more of a romantic message. Either way, there is likely a card out there that puts it just right.

  4. Don't pick too quickly. Everyone has been guilty of running into the store last minute to grab a card, but giving yourself plenty of time will help you find the right one. You may find more than one that you like right away, or you may have to look for quite a while before you discover the card that really puts your feelings into words.

  5. Consider a blank card. If you just can't find the perfect card or you'd rather put it in your own words, consider picking up a blank card you can fill in yourself. There are many available with beautiful cover art. Or, you could really show your valentine how much you love him or her and make your own Valentine's Day card from scratch with some scrapbooking supplies.

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