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How to Choose the Best Silk Plants



Once either prohibitively expensive or obviously mass produced, artificial plants and flowers have come a long way from their humble roots as table toppers in restaurants. Available in a wide variety of materials, styles, colors, and sizes, there's a silk plant out there to suit any decor style. Choosing the best silk plants can put the perfect finishing touch on a beautiful room. Here's what to look for when you're shopping for the right one.

Choosing Artificial Plants:

  1. Assess the space: It's tempting to choose a large, dramatic piece for your home, but if you plan to put your silk tree between couches, it might not be the most practical choice. Before purchasing an artificial plant, consider how it will fit in during parties and intimate gatherings. Once you've determined how the area will be used, you can choose an appropriate plant for the space.

  2. Choose a size: Silk plants come in every shape and size imaginable, so there's no reason to settle for an artificial plant that doesn't fit the space. Large plants would require considerable care if they were real, but when you go artificial, you can choose something that may have been intimidating. If you just need to brighten up a bookshelf, you can choose something small, like an artificial bonsai, and only think about it as often as you dust the shelves.

  3. Think about placement: Different shapes will work for different spots in your house, so think about the places that could use a decorative accent. Use a big potted palm tree to fill a corner. Place a medium-size fern between pieces of furniture. Let a trailing ivy travel across the top of a cabinet or armoire to soften the edges of a big piece of furniture. Add color to a tabletop with a small flowering silk orchid. Accent a bookshelf with a row of small faux succulents.

  4. Consider your colors: Today's silk plants often include delicate, realistic flowers. Even simple fake plants, like ivy and other creepers, bring a lush green to a room with their leaves. If you want to infuse your decor with a little color but don't want to commit to a full flowering bush, then look for a silk plant with subtle color. If you're ready to add a splash of color to a room, look for a plant with bright flowers or leaves, like a faux geranium or peonies.

  5. Add texture: Silk plants can add dimension to the otherwise unused space above cabinets and other out of the way areas. Because they're fake, they don't require water, so your heirloom furniture is safe, and since they don't need sunlight to survive, faux plants are perfect for dark corners that need a little life.

  6. Branch out: Artificial plants aren't just potted trees and leafy foliage; they're also elegant arrangements of slim bamboo stalks and delicate flowers. If a faux tree seems like too much in the corner of your room, don't despair; try an oversize vase with a few tall pieces. You'll add height without overwhelming your existing decor.

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