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How to Choose Silk Sheets

by Amanda Mears

Silk sheets add instant sophistication to your space

Upgrading a bedroom from standard to luxurious is easy when you use silk sheets. Soft and lightweight, silk sheets turn your bed into a haven for sleeping and lounging. Cultivated silk is spun from the protein produced by silkworms and is rarer than regular cotton, making silk sheet sets pricier. If you're ready to invest in a new set of sheets for your bed, there are a few key things to consider. For help figuring out how to choose silk sheets, keep reading.

Buying Silk Sheets:

  1. Weigh your options. The first thing to do when picking out silk bedding is to determine what weight you're looking for. With regards to silk, the momme weight refers to the actual weight of the silk, and the thread count means how many threads there are per square inch. The lower the momme weight, the thinner the sheets in your silk sheet set will be. Look for a momme weight around 13 to 19 for silk sheets that are durable and soft.

  2. Decide on a type. When purchasing silk bedding, there are typically two types of silk -- mulberry silk and wild silk. Mulberry silk is produced using silkworms fed a special diet of mulberry leaves. This special treatment helps produce the softest and most luxurious silk in the market. Made from a variety of silkworm types, wild silk is still very soft but more affordable. If you're looking for a bargain sheet set that is still 100 percent silk, look for silk sheet sets that mix both silk types. Whichever type of silk you choose, you'll rest easy thanks to the fabric's breathable nature.

  3. Understand the differences. When shopping for lustrous sheets, silk, satin and sateen often get confused. However, both satin and sateen are artificial and not as durable as silk. Silk has a shimmering appearance on both sides of the sheet, while satin and sateen are often shiny on one side and matte on the back. Sateen is commonly combined with cotton, while satin sheets can be woven from several materials, like silk, nylon and polyester. Although satin sheets are a great affordable option, if you're looking for true silk luxury, make sure the label says 100 percent silk.

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