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How to Choose Pet Strollers


Do you need an easy way to take your along with you when you're on the go? A pet stroller is not only an easy answer for going mobile, but it also helps your pet stay safe and comfortable when you're away from home. But how do you know which pet stroller is best for you and your little Fido or Fluffy? These tips can help you find one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Choosing a Pet Stroller:

  1. Buy the right size. Your pet's comfort and safety should be first and foremost when you're thinking pet travel. Make sure you know what size pet stroller you need for your cat or dog before you start shopping. Your pet should be able to sit, stand, and lie down easily, but the interior compartment shouldn't be so big that your pet feels insecure. Map out the measurements you think will fit your pet comfortably on the floor with masking tape, and make sure your pet can easily curl up inside. You'll also want to check the weight limits on the strollers you're looking at to make sure your pet doesn't exceed the limit.

  2. Keep in mind when you'll use it. Not all pet strollers are made equal. A basic model won't make it up a rugged trail, but a trail-running model may be too cumbersome at the grocery store. Think about where you will primarily be taking your pet and buy a pet stroller that suits the location. A lightweight, collapsible stroller is perfect for quick runs to the store, but if you're planning on heading to the park or more rugged terrain, look for a stroller with larger wheels and shock absorption meant to handle bumps, turns, and uneven surfaces. It may even benefit you to buy two strollers if you plan on taking your pet everywhere with you: one for running errands and one for your morning run.

  3. Shop based on your number of pets. If you have a house full of furry friends, one small pet stroller probably won't do the trick. If you have two pets that get along well, you can opt for a single-compartment stroller they can share, as long as it's big enough for them to both move around comfortably in it. For pets that may not enjoy sharing the same space, you can find double- and even triple-compartment strollers where they can each enjoy their own space.

  4. Think about versatility. Chances are, you're not going to just use your pet stroller for one activity, and you'll want some versatility to help you adjust from day to day. Look for models that meet your needs, like a stroller with interchangeable wheels for different terrain or one with rain covers in case you encounter showers at the park. If you'll be traveling a lot in the car between destinations, you may benefit from a model with a detachable carrier and car seat you can buckle in while on the road. The more extra features a pet stroller has, the more use you'll get out of it.

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