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How to Choose Mother's Day Gifts Moms Really Want


It happens every spring. Suddenly, Mother's Day is right around the corner, and everyone is wondering how to find the perfect gift for Mom. The best way to choose a good gift is to focus on the woman receiving it. When you start searching for gift ideas, consider Mom's favorite activities and her personality. Then you can present her with a gift, and memorable experience, she'll treasure.

Give Good Mother's Day Gifts:

  1. Ask yourself, what would Mom do with some free time? Free time, leisure time, down time: Whatever you call it, busy mothers get precious little of it, so encouraging moms to spend a few hours focusing on themselves is a great Mother's Day gift. Would Mom love a day of pampering? Then make an appointment for her at a local day spa, complete with lots of special attention. Give her a spa-themed gift basket in addition to her spa day, so she can continue to treat herself at home. Does your mother love a quiet afternoon of reading or a night out at the movies? Books and DVDs are also excellent Mother's Day presents.

  2. Take an interest in her hobbies. As long as you're encouraging Mom to find more free time for herself, consider getting her a gift that will help her enjoy her hobbies. Does she have a passion for tennis or golf? Find out if she wants new sports equipment. If she's creative, she may need more art supplies. This is the time when it's acceptable to just ask her what she wants; most people love to talk about their hobbies. You can also use an unexpected approach in choosing a present. For example, if Mom is an avid photographer, a fully paid weekend vacation to a scenic spot where she can shoot great images would be a wonderful surprise.

  3. Remember her personality. If your tennis-playing mom is also a fashionista, give her a diamond tennis bracelet that will sparkle in the sunshine every time she steps onto the court. But if the fashionista would rather have brunch with friends than pick up a racket, trendy earrings or a designer handbag are good options. Give the woman who loves to decorate a flower arrangement that matches her favorite room; add a nice picture frame if she tends to be sentimental. The creative, self-reliant type might appreciate gardening supplies, new cookware, or handmade furniture. These gifts show Mom you think she's an original and love her for it.

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Updated March 3, 2015