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How to Choose Men's Jeans

by Lindsay Law

Denim jeans

Jeans are an important part of any guy's wardrobe. They can take you from a casual outing with friends or a fun date to a day at the office. Finding the right fit and wash in your jeans is an important part of the shopping process because it will ensure that you have a pair of flattering pants. Use these tips to find a great pair of jeans for every occasion.

Choosing Jeans:

  1. Figure out which cut fits you best. Men's jeans come in many different cuts, which allow you to pick a style that's best for you. Men's bootcut jeans are cut slightly larger at the leg opening and are flattering on most men's body types. Men's skinny jeans fit very tightly from the waist to the ankles and are typically most flattering on lean body types. If your body type is average to muscular, relaxed fit jeans will fit well. Straight cut jeans are simple and fall straight from the hip to the floor, making them an excellent choice for men who want a flattering style without a lot of embellishments.

  2. Choose a wash. Look for stonewashed jeans and shades of dark blues or muted greys, which look classic and go with everything. Keeping a few pairs of timeless jeans in your wardrobe is a good idea, and it allows you to buy jeans in trendy colors and washes, such as dirty washes and acid washes, to keep up with current styles.

  3. Look carefully at details. Many premium denim jeans, or designer jeans, are designed with detailing on the back pockets and features such as flaps and deep front pockets. Men's bootcut jeans look classic with stitching on the back pockets. Pockets with screen printed images or lettering can give you a more urban, fashion-forward look.

  4. Consider the length. Think about which shoes you will primarily be wearing with your jeans. Straight cut jeans and relaxed fit jeans look great with athletic shoes, while bootcut jeans and premium denim jeans look great with dressier shoes and low boots. If you have the shape to pull off men's skinny jeans, try them with vintage-style shoes or designer sneakers.

  5. Comfort should come first. Whatever you decide about cut, fit and color, find a pair of men's jeans that are comfortable enough to wear to casual events and evenings out. If you find the right style, your jeans will be the clothes you reach for over and over again.

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