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How to Choose Crafts and Sewing Storage

by Christina Wright

Craft and sewing storage organizer

If you are an avid crafter, sewer or scrapbooker, you need crafts and sewing storage for all your supplies. Sewing and craft supplies have a tendency to spread themselves all over your craft room and become disorganized very quickly, so having the right storage and organization solutions in your craft and sewing space is essential. The problem is that there are as many options in the world of crafts and sewing storage as there are craft and sewing projects to try. To help you organize your space, store your supplies and retain your sanity, has created this guide to choosing crafts and sewing storage.

Crafts and Sewing Storage:

  1. Think about what you need to store. The right storage solution for your sewing, scrapbooking and craft supplies depends partly on what exactly you need to store. There are specially designed options for each category. You may need craft furniture such as desks or armoires for sewing machines, die-cutting machines and other large tools. Some machines have their own special storage caddies or totes for the crafter on the go. Storage carts and plastic storage bins make great scrapbooking storage options because they hold papers, photos, die cuts and other flat supplies. Sewing storage options, such as totes, caddies and desktop organizers, give all your sewing supplies dedicated homes so thread won't get tangled and needles won't be lost.

  2. Consider how much storage you need. You'll also need to decide how much craft storage you need. If you've just begun crafting, scrapbooking or sewing, you may only need a small storage solution for now, such as a desktop organizer or compartmentalized tote bag. If you take your crafting seriously, you may need more moderate scrapbooking storage, such as storage carts complete with color-coded bins, a set of transparent jars for brads and other decor or a rack-system organizer with multiple pull-out bins. For the truly enthusiastic crafter, craft furniture, such as armoires with fold-out desks, may be better storage systems for the amount of supplies you need to organize.

  3. Decide where you plan to store it. Where you plan to store your crafts and sewing storage can play a large part in determining the best craft storage options for you. If you have a dedicated craft room, you can invest in craft furniture like desks, storage carts, shelves and bins because you have the space for these storage solutions. If you are constantly moving your sewing machine and scrapbooking supplies from the dining table to a box in the closet, consider a craft or scrapbooking armoire; these cupboards take up very little space when closed, but when opened, they reveal transparent drawers and pouches as well as a fold-out desk on which to work. If you already have a desk or table in the corner to work on, desktop caddies and organizers are the best storage systems.

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