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How to Choose a Perfume for a Woman

by L. Sefcik

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Ask any woman, and she'll tell you that her perfume speaks volumes about her personality and her style. Choosing a perfume for someone should be a personal experience, so it is important to put a lot of thought into the process, rather than instinctively opting for the women's fragrance with the prettiest packaging or highest price. Take some time to get to know a woman's tastes and habits and the perfume notes that attract her and you'll be able to find a fragrance that she will adore.

Choosing Perfume:

  1. Consider how she spends her days. The career woman who puts in a lot of time at the office with co-workers might appreciate a subtle fragrance that wears close to the skin, such as a delicate musk or light, unobtrusive floral. An active woman who spends a lot of time outdoors will likely enjoy a fresh and natural scent, such as a bright citrus or a unisex ocean fragrance. The woman who enjoys domesticity and family life might enjoy an expressive perfume that reflects her personality and hobbies, such as a sweet tropical scent or robust amber fragrance.

  2. Factor in her interests. If your lady looks forward to gallery openings and seeing an eclectic musical act, fragrances that are unique and spicy, like an intense oriental, are good choices. For the outgoing gal who loves shopping, parties and rock concerts, you can't go wrong with a bright, fruity scent, such as a sweet raspberry. If the woman in your life is mature and nurturing and loves the kitchen and a good book, consider soft floral and food-scented perfumes, such as lavender and vanilla.

  3. Think about age. Teens and young women can appreciate a perfume crafted by their favorite female celebrity or pop star. The trendsetter in her 30s will gravitate to contemporary fragrances made by popular designers, while the mature woman may favor classic fragrances that can become her signature scent.

  4. Reflect upon her fragrance favorites. When you are choosing a perfume for someone special, it is important to select one that she will love, rather than one that you personally prefer. You can get ideas for which types of scents the woman in your life favors by paying attention to which aromas she already uses. For example, if she uses a classic scented soap with a light fragrance, then she will likely appreciate a perfume that is gentle, sweet and not overpowering, such as a fruity floral variety. If your lady has a collection of vanilla, cinnamon and ginger beauty products, then stick with warm food-scented perfumes. If her home is filled with floral scents from air fresheners to fabric softener, then she will likely appreciate a fragrance that incorporates plumeria, jasmine or rose.

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