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How to Choose a Chaise Lounge

by Craig Blake

A comfortable chaise lounge

When you're ready to relax in your own living room, it's time to consider a chaise lounge. A chaise lounge is a long chair designed to support your head and legs while you recline. A traditional lounge chair has either a low back that runs the length of the chair or no back at all. Looking almost like a modified sofa, a chaise lounge is best used for a single, reclining person, but it can accommodate several people sitting upright. How do you choose the chaise lounge that's right for you? Read on to find out.

Choosing a Chaise Lounge:

  1. Measure your space. How much space you have for a chaise lounge? A cardinal rule of decorating is this: Don't overstuff any room with furniture. Too much of a good thing can make a room look small and cramped. Assess the amount of space you have and choose your chaise accordingly. A chaise cushion can often be quite large, so be sure to plan on the additional space of the cushion, not just the frame of the chaise lounge chair itself.

  2. Envision the look. Decide what feel you want to create in your living room. There are chaise lounges available with thick, sturdy legs and ones with delicate carved accents. Some chaise furniture has traditional brocade upholstery while other chaise chairs feature brightly colored patches of mismatched fabric. Decide if you're using the chaise lounge to make a statement on its own as an accent chair or complement what you already have. An outdoor chaise lounge is also a great idea if you are looking for something to place on a patio or deck.

  3. Choose a style. You will need to pick a material. Chaise lounges are often crafted of teak or another hardwood. You can choose between elaborately carved chaise furniture and chairs with smooth, simple lines. Some chaise furniture features a headboard that is higher than the footboard; others are more evenly matched.

  4. Think about design. Give arms some thought. Padded arms can add extra comfort, but they can also make the furniture look bulky and less like a traditional piece and take up more space in your room. Either style can be a good choice, depending on the look of the rest of the room.

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