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How to Choose a Birthday Gift for Dad

by Kevin P. McGrath

Some people in your life can often be difficult to shop for, and your dad is no exception. Every passing year brings that same dilemma: What gifts should you buy Dad for his birthday? It may seem impossible to come up with good gift ideas for him every year, but with some consideration, you can choose the perfect gift that he will always remember.

Birthday Gifts for Every Dad:

  1. Consider his lifestyle and interests: Nearly every dad has a hobby or interest. What does yours enjoy? Some prefer to stay at home with their electronics or tools, while others prefer venturing into the great outdoors with their tents or fishing poles. Think about what your dad likes to do and find something that would make it even better.

  2. Find clues from the past: Think over gifts you've given him in years past. Try to remember the gifts he really loved -- not just what he said he liked, but what he has really used. Is his favorite pair of golf shoes worn out? Does his favorite pair of snow pants have holes? Maybe it is time to renew or upgrade something you already know he uses and loves.

  3. Make it personal: Think of moments you have spent with your dad. Try giving a gift that reminds you of him or look for photos of time spent together. Whether it is a photo from last year's vacation or a photo of you and your dad from a special occasion like your wedding, photos can be a great way to relive those personal moments again and again. Frame a photo or fill an entire photo album. Your dad will love to remember the good times you had together.

  4. Make him laugh: This year, give your dad something completely unexpected. Try giving a gift that you know will make him smile. Sometimes an unpractical or even a gag gift is exactly what your dad needs after years of playing it safe. If the unexpected is not for your father, try to lighten the mood with a classic comedy DVD that will keep him laughing for years to come.

  5. Give a gourmet gift: Gourmet food is the way to any dad's heart, so look for his favorite snack. Spice up Dad's life with a collection of gourmet hot sauces, or satisfy his sweet tooth with a gift basket full of cookies or candy. If his idea of eating well includes a side of bacon, treat him to a gift sampler of gourmet meats. As long as consider what his favorite gourmet food is, you're sure to give him a birthday snack he'll love.

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Updated February 3, 2015

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