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How to Carry a Golf Bag

by Staff Writer


For those who think golf is nothing more than a walk in the park, try playing the game while carrying a 40- to 80-pound bag of clubs. Pros have professional caddies to carry their golf bags and give them playing advice, and many amateur players choose to take a golf cart. A high percentage of golfers, however, walk the course, and many of them carry their own bags.

Carrying a Golf Bag:

  1. Check out your golf bag before you begin your round. You are going to be carrying all your equipment with you, so make sure you need everything in your golf bag. You may have an old 2-iron that you haven't hit in three years. Take it out of your bag. There's no reason to carry clubs you don't need any more. Organize your clubs so your bag is balanced. That will make it easier to carry.

  2. Notice the strap that leads to the top of the golf bag. This strap is usually wide and padded. You will put this strap over the forward point of your shoulder. If you are right-handed, you will probably use that shoulder to carry the bag the majority of the time. As you walk and carry your clubs, put your right hand on top of the clubs to balance yourself and make your walk easier.

  3. Switch to your left shoulder every second or third hole. You are doing a lot of work and burning a lot of energy. Your right shoulder may be stronger, but your left shoulder can handle at least some of the burden.

  4. Use an adjustable dual strap when carrying your clubs. This strap attaches over both shoulders and will allow you to carry your golf bag on your back. Instead of taxing one side of your body or the other, the adjustable dual strap will spread the weight of the clubs evenly over your back.

  5. Drink plenty of water when you are carrying your own bag. You are doing a lot of work by walking between four and six miles during your 18-hole round of golf and carrying a heavy bag. You must stay hydrated, which will help you stay strong and aid your ability to play well.

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