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Golf Gear Buying Guide

by Staff Writer

The right golf gear will improve your game

Whether you play golf because you love it or because the golf course is where you do all of your business, having the right golf gear can make your golf game better and more enjoyable. You may already have the best golf clubs and golf clothing, but golf accessories will provide the edge you need to improve your game. With all that is available, you may not be sure how to buy golf gear. This golf gear buying guide is here to introduce you to some golf gear you may not have considered, to help you determine which golf accessories will develop your skills and to increase your enjoyment of the game.

Buying Golf Gear:

  1. Electronic golf gear: The basic elements of golf have changed little in the last 50 years, but the details have changed a lot, thanks to advances in technology. New materials and designs have made golf clubs, golf balls and other golf gear more efficient, and as electronics have become smaller and cheaper, manufacturers of golf equipment have released a number of different golf gadgets designed to help you improve your game and enjoy golfing even more than you do now. Range finders help you determine the distance you hit your ball or the distance to the golf green, which helps you decide which club to use. Not all range finders are electronic, but electronic range finders are more accurate than their nonelectric counterparts. Another way to gauge distances on the golf course is to use a golf course GPS. Golf course GPS units allow you to find the distance between any two points on the course and can keep track of the distance of your shots. Digital scorecards probably won't improve your game much, but they can take the hassle out of scoring, letting you enjoy a nice game of golfing without distraction.

  2. Golf gear to enhance your performance: Golf gloves and golf sunglasses won't affect your game quite as much as golf clubs or golf balls, but they do affect your game and can save you from shot-saving slips. A golf glove -- and you usually only need one golf glove, for your non-dominant hand -- may not sound like a necessary investment, but a good golf glove will help you maintain your grip on your golf club, even in poor weather. In fair weather, the right golf sunglasses will keep your eyes comfortable and protected. When the sun is out, keeping track of your golf ball while it's in the air can be difficult, making it difficult to spot the place where it lands. Sunglasses cut down glare and make it easy to spot your golf ball, and when you don't have to squint, you're better able to correctly judge distances on the green.

  3. Golf gear to help you get around: A set of golf clubs can be heavy to lug around, and if you don't plan on using a golf cart on the golf course, you'll probably want a good on-course accessory, like a golf push cart or a pull cart so you don't have to carry your golf bag. A push cart is usually a three-wheeled cart with a handle. You set your clubs on the cart and push them ahead of you to the next hole. Some golfers find push carts more comfortable than golf pull carts, which are two-wheeled carts, because you don't have to turn your body to grab the cart. If you do use a golf cart, you may want some golf cart accessories to make using your cart more enjoyable. A good golf cart cover can keep your cart protected when you're not using it and can keep it from getting wet while you're taking your shot on a drizzly day. Other cart accessories, like golf towels or after-market cart parts will help you personalize your golf cart.

  4. Small but important pieces of golf gear: While golf is a simple game on the whole, there are many details about golf that make a difference in how well you play and in how much you enjoy yourself. Golf tees, for example, are no more than wooden stakes with a platform on top, and yet without them, you would probably gain a few strokes on each hole. In fact, you can even buy special golf tees designed to minimize interference with your stroke, giving you even more of an advantage off the tee. Golf club head covers may seem superfluous, but a golf club that is nicked or scratched can affect your stroke, and head covers protect your expensive golf clubs from getting damaged on the course. However, even head covers won't protect your clubs from the wear and tear that comes from travel. A travel cover that fits around your golf bag and clubs will keep your golf clubs in top shape no matter where you go.

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