Gold-over-silver Jewelry Fact Sheet

by Maegan Crandall

When you want the look of gold jewelry without the high price tag, look for gold-over-silver jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry has been around for at least 100 years, but modern gold-plated jewelry is created with such advanced techniques than many pieces have quality standards similar to solid gold jewelry. The best gold-plated jewelry is gold-over-silver jewelry. Silver is a fantastic base metal for gold-plating. When you are shopping for fine jewelry and designer jewelry, you will come across a variety of gold-plated pieces, including gold-over-silver jewelry. Use these facts to decide which types of gold jewelry are right for you.

Gold-over-silver Jewelry:

Gold-over-silver Jewelry Fact Sheet

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  • The type of silver makes a difference.

    Silver comes in many different forms. Pure silver is too soft for jewelry, so it is alloyed with another metal. Sterling silver is comprised of 92.5-percent pure silver and 7.5-percent metal alloy, giving it the highest level of pure silver. Gold-plated sterling silver jewelry is the best and most valuable in the gold-plated jewelry category. Many pieces of designer jewelry and fine jewelry are gold over sterling silver.

  • The quality of the gold matters.

    As with silver, pure gold is too soft for jewelry and is alloyed with a base metal for strength. Consider 18-karat gold, which is 75-percent pure gold, or 14-karat gold, which is 58-percent pure gold, when you are shopping for high-quality jewelry. When these types of gold are plated onto sterling silver, the jewelry is called vermeil. Vermeil jewelry is the cream of the crop in gold-plated jewelry.

  • Jewelry options:

    Now that you are convinced that gold-over-silver jewelry is a high-quality investment for your wardrobe, which styles will you add to your collection? Gold-over-silver rings are very popular and can even be an affordable wedding band or engagement ring choice. Gold-over-silver cocktail rings are also popular. Vermeil pendants and chains add a lot of flash to a simple jewelry collection, and gold-over-silver bracelets allow you to indulge in the gold trends without overspending. Consider gold-over-silver jewelry when you need a thoughtful gift or when you want fashion jewelry that will last more than one season.