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Gliders vs. Rocking Chairs


Glider with ottoman

When you're expecting a new baby, every decision is a big one. Which is the safest car seat? Will you use disposable or cloth diapers? What color should you paint your nursery? What about a name? Whatever you decide, it's important to make sure you have a comfortable place, whether it's a rocking chair or a glider, to relax with your new addition. This guide provides comparisons to help you decide which type of chair is best for you.

Gliders and Rocking Chairs:

  1. Movement: First, decide how much and the type of motion you are looking for in a chair. The curved legs of a rocker provide a stronger sway. If you prefer the stronger movement of a rocking chair, be sure to watch for little fingers which can get pinched beneath the legs as they rock back and forth. If you prefer a more gentle rock, you may want to choose a glider. The swivel base on a glider provides smooth, subtle movement.

  2. Size: The traditional rocker is typically more lightweight, compact, and portable than a glider. It also provides a more traditional look to a room. A stylish glider, however, is a large piece of furniture that can be a focal point of a child's room or nursery.

  3. Comfort: Comfort may be the most important factor in your choice between a glider and a rocker. Gliders are typically cushioned and often include a matching ottoman on which to rest your feet. Rocking chairs rarely come with this addition, though they can be outfitted with chair pads to make them more comfortable. Whether you choose a rocker or a glider, make sure to buy one with an appropriate seat height so your feet can touch the ground comfortably.

  4. Style: For some, style is always a primary consideration. Rocking chairs are a good addition for more traditional nurseries and can be repainted to match any color scheme. A glider can be equally stylish, however, with coordinating upholstery and decorative pillows.

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