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Feng Shui Checklist

by Nina Makofsky

Room decorated with feng shui principles

In the realm of home decor, the tenets of feng shui guide decorators to create rooms that welcome active and passive chi while filtering out negative energy. The Chinese philosophy of feng shui refers to how to keep healthful and positive energy flowing through your life. While some home design and layout issues are impossible to change, you can do many small things with your home decor to make your house feel more balanced.

Feng Shui Checklist:

  1. Exterior issues. A well-maintained exterior marks the path to a more relaxed home interior. Your home's entrance should be clean and clear. Keep bushes, plants and flowers healthy and trimmed. Hang green plants near your door frame. Wash your windows inside and out and keep the frames clear of cobwebs. Doing so allows natural light to flow inside your home unimpeded. Stay aware of your home by taking care of it daily. Collect mail, bring in newspapers, clear flyers and store yard equipment.

  2. Kill the clutter. The sure path to dragging down a home's energy and allowing for stagnant chi is with dust-collecting stacks of paper, daily detritus and clutter. Good feng shui requires quality light and air that can travel to the various corners and rooms of your home. Take a long, hard look at your belongings and edit them. Establish systems for processing the daily objects that enter your life, be they folders from work, phone messages or library books. In your entryway or foyer, create a landing strip by installing a low shelf lined with lidded baskets. Keep items sorted and hidden here.

  3. Add key elements. The philosophy of feng shui extends to decorative accessories and natural elements you should integrate into your home as well. Vases and decorative screens add beauty and structure to your home. Place a wooden item or a water feature in the southeast corner of your house to invite good fortune. Using plants and various shades of green in this area inspires healing. Line up river rocks or crystals at your door to welcome energy into your home. Use a mirror to refresh a room's energy but avoid reflecting the bed or door. Light candles to encourage fire energy in your house. Pay extra attention to your entryway, painting the door a cheerful or bright color. Hang some eye-catching and inspiring artwork in the foyer to inspire creative flow.

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