FAQs about Wedding Registries



One of the most exciting aspects of any wedding is receiving gifts and well wishes from your friends and family. Wedding registries offer an easy way to organize a wish list and are indispensable to many couples. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about wedding registries.

Registry Questions Answered:

  1. What are the benefits of a wedding registry?
    The most endearing benefit of registering for wedding presents is that you can personalize the gift list. You register for the things you really want and for the correct quantities. Most wedding guests truly appreciate this service, too, because a registry takes the guess work out of finding the perfect gift.

  2. What are the advantages of an online registry?
    One of the great advantages of online shopping is 24/7 availability. Your guests can shop at any time, and you can regularly check the registry for updates. The online shopping option is convenient for guests who may not live near the stores you chose for your gift lists -- one of the reasons so many brick-and-mortar stores now offer this service. Online retailers also ship the gifts to the couple's preferred location, so the gift-giver doesn't have to worry about the delivery and the recipients can keep track of all those packages.

  3. When should we set up the wedding registry?
    Plan to open your gift registries four to six months before the wedding date or as soon as possible after announcing your engagement. This timeframe allows you to make changes if necessary. It also gives your guests time to purchase gifts for the bridal showers and the wedding.

  4. How do we get started?
    Consult several wedding gift guides to help you organize your registry shopping. Bridal websites, wedding books, and many retailers have detailed lists that help couples decide what they need. After checking these guides, group your must-have items into categories, such as dining, kitchen, linens, home improvement, and recreation. This will help you shop quickly when you start researching stores.

  5. Must we register for traditional gifts?
    No. You don't need to register for items you won't use or appreciate. After all, you can fill your gift list with hobby gear, sports equipment, furniture, artwork, gift cards, and even vacation funds. On the other hand, you may want to take inventory of what you actually have before deciding that you don't need any traditional household gifts. Even if you don't choose an entire new set of china, you may want a new set of wine glasses or more serving dishes.

  6. How many gifts should we register for?
    Choose more items than number of wedding guests. Some friends may buy gifts for both the bridal shower and the wedding, and other guests may group several small items into one gift. Make sure to have options in several price ranges.

  7. Can we update or make changes to our registry?
    In general, yes, you can make changes to your registry, but it's important to check your retailer's policy carefully to make sure.

  8. Can we register for gift cards?
    Yes. Since most large retailers now offer gift cards, they often allow couples to add the cards to their registries. It is also acceptable etiquette to register for gift cards; however, the cards should be a part of the gift list, not the only item you request.

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