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FAQs about Watch Winders

by Staff Writer

A handsome black leather watch winder containing a stainless steel watch

An automatic watch doesn't need to be wound by hand and doesn't require a battery. These watches capture the motion of your wrist to wind the watch and keep it running continually. If you don't wear your automatic watch every day, it will eventually stop and will need to be wound and reset before you wear it again. A watch winders will allow you to avoid these steps by gently rotating your automatic watch continually to keep it ticking. A watch winder looks just like a watch box. Many watch winders also have space for additional watch storage. A watch box with a winder is a good investment for keeping your automatic watches ready to wear. Consider these common questions when shopping for watch storage with winding capabilities.

Questions about Watch Winders:

  1. Should I keep an automatic watch on the winder all the time?
    An automatic watch that is worn almost every day rarely needs to be set on a watch winder; once every two weeks should restore power to the movement. Watches that are worn sporadically will need to stay on a winder most of the time if you want them ready to wear at all times.

  2. Should I buy a watch winder with scheduling controls?
    If you plan to leave your watches on the winder of a long period of time, then a winder with scheduling controls is a good choice. These watch winders work on a schedule of rotations and rest periods, which is best for most automatic watches. Constant rotation can wear down the gears in the movement, and it isn't necessary to keep a watch at full power. Most winding turntables rotate at five turns per minute and have a set schedule; for example, it may rotate for one hour and rest for three hours. The high-end watch winders have adjustable rotation schedules. Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations for your watch to find the preferred winding schedule.

  3. Why are some watch winders so big?
    A simple watch winder will have one turntable for one watch; however, some watch winders can accommodate two, four, six or even 12 timepieces at a time. These large winders assist shops and individuals in organizing groups of watches. Many watch winders are encased in watch boxes or men's jewelry boxes. For men and women who own a lot of timepieces, these watch boxes have extra storage space; some have as many as 12 slots for watches and four or more turntables.

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