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Suunto watches are high-tech instruments that are trusted by athletes and adventurers all over the world. Strap on one of the Suunto training or outdoor watches and you'll see why they are called "wrist-top computers." They can become a valuable part of your training plan and outdoor recreational activities.

About Suunto Watches:

  1. What does wrist-top computer mean?
    Suunto often refers to their elite training watches as wrist-top computers, and many loyal users agree. These timepieces not only keep track of your lap times or record your heart rate; they record and log distances, real-time and average heart rates, calorie consumption, and more. Then they analyze the collected data, allowing you to use it for planning future workout sessions. Some Suunto watches even analyze information and offer a personalized workout regimen. Like a PC or laptop, these "wrist-top computers" hold a lot of data and keep it easily accessible.

  2. What are the ABCs of Suunto Outdoor Watches?
    Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. Outdoor sports enthusiasts need to keep track of their surroundings, including location and weather conditions, to stay safe, so the ABCs -- altimeter, barometer, and compass -- are important features of outdoor watches. The altimeter function determines altitude by measuring changes in barometric pressure. This feature not only determines your current elevation; it also tracks your ascent and descent, so you can stay aware of your progress. The barometer gauges changes in air pressure and the weather changes that accompany them. Each Suunto outdoor watch with a compass has these important features: bearing tracking, north-south arrow, bearing in degrees, declination adjustment, and resolution of 1 degree.

  3. What is a Suunto POD?
    A POD is a peripheral observation device that is an accessory of the watch but not part of the watch itself. For example, a foot POD attaches to the shoe like a pedometer, records the distance that you have traveled (walked, run or jogged) and relays the information to the watch. Then, if you're also using a heart-rate monitor, the Suunto timepiece can calculate calorie consumption and store the data. Suunto also makes GPS, PC, and cycling PODs.

  4. What accessories come with my watch?
    In addition to all the features installed in their sports watches, Suunto also offers a range of accessories, such as comfort belts with heart-rate monitors, which enhance the timepieces' capabilities. Usually, these accessories are sold separately and are not included with the watch. However, sometimes the accessories come in a performance pack with the watch; for example, a running pack would include the training watch, a foot POD and a heart-rate monitor belt.

  5. Which Suunto training and outdoor watch is right for me?
    Suunto watches are elite sports instruments that benefit every athlete, from the weekend hiker to the competitive marathoner, cyclist, mountain climber, or swimmer. The correct timepiece depends on your training regimen and your activities. Here are a few suggestions:

    Popular Suunto Watch Series:

    • The Suunto T series sport watches, introduced in 2004, are elite heart rate monitors that help you determine the effectiveness of your workouts. They include a heart-rate monitoring belt that relays information to the watch, which then stores and analyzes the data.

    • The Suunto Lumi series is their first outdoor sports instrument designed specifically for women. They are stylish, durable and full of all the features an adventurer needs. A Lumi watch includes a protective carabineer jacket that hooks to your belt or backpack. You can also wear it on the wrist or on a strap as a pendant.

    • For those who revel in extreme wilderness adventures, the rugged, durable and fully featured Suunto Core and Vector Altimeter will keep you on track.

  6. Are Suunto products water resistant?
    Yes, Suunto watches and the accessories have basic water resistance and many have a high water-resistance rating. Water resistance for timepieces is tested in measurements of atmosphere (ATM), and each ATM denotes 10 meters of static water pressure; for example, 1 ATM equals 10 meters. A product with basic water resistance, often just noted as "water resistant," can withstand light rain or sink splashes but should not be worn while swimming. If the watch can be submerged in water, the description must state at what ATM rating it maintains water resistance, usually 5 ATM or more on most sport watches, such as Suunto. A watch with a 5-10 ATM (50-100 meters) rating can be worn for short periods of swimming, hiking in the rain, and splashing through streams.

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