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FAQs about PlayStation 3

by Paul Sanders

Black PlayStation 3 and controller

For a powerful high-definition video game console, packed with features and capabilities, serious gamers turn to the PlayStation 3 (PS3). With a wide selection of exclusive PlayStation 3 games, a built-in Blu-ray drive and Wi-Fi connectivity, it's a hard video game console to beat. If you're considering the PlayStation 3 console, answers to these frequently asked questions may help you learn the details about the system.

Questions about PlayStation 3:

  1. Are there different versions of the PS3?
    There are two main versions of the PlayStation 3 console: the original PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 3 Slim. Both versions vary in the features they contain. Hard drive size, number of USB ports and flash-card support vary from console to console. It's simple to find a PS3 with the exact features you want, but you may want to examine the details carefully before buying to make sure your PlayStation video game console has the key features you need.

  2. Can I play movies on my PlayStation 3?
    Yes. All PS3 video game consoles include a built-in 2x Blu-ray disc player, which will play Blu-ray movies, DVDs and CDs. You can also stream movies online through certain compatible streaming video services.

  3. Can I get online with a PlayStation 3?
    Sure. Each PlayStation 3 console includes a Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in. This allows you to connect to the Web through your home Internet connection and allows you to access the PlayStation Network (PSN), where you can play games online, download extra content and shop for games.

  4. Will the PlayStation 3 console play my old PlayStation games?
    All PlayStation 3 console models support software emulation to play original PlayStation games, but only some earlier PS3 models will play PlayStation 2 games. PlayStation 3 Slim models will not play PS2 games at all.

  5. What is the PlayStation Move?
    PlayStation Move is a motion-sensing controller accessory for the PS3. When used with the PlayStation Eye camera, the Move controller tracks your movements and sends them to your PS3 console. This type of motion-sensing controller opens up fun game possibilities for PlayStation 3 games.

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