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FAQs about Fragrances

by Staff Writer

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Whether you're purchasing perfumes and fragrances for yourself or to give as gifts, you're bound to have questions about perfume, cologne and designer fragrances, especially if you're looking for the perfect scent that will last all day. Fortunately, this guide will provide you with answers for many of your concerns. Read on for frequently asked questions about fragrances.

Questions about Perfume:

  1. How do I make my fragrance last though the day?
    Although your first instinct may be to apply more perfume or cologne to make it last, it's actually how you apply your fragrance -- not how much -- that gives it staying power. Apply fragrances to your pulse points, and the warmth of your body will help distribute the scent: on your wrists and on your neck. A little moisture also helps your fragrance last throughout the day, so apply it behind your knees and to your inner elbows. Whichever spot you apply your designer fragrances to, make sure you don't rub it; that breaks down the molecules faster.

  2. Who creates perfumes and fragrances?
    The people who create men's fragrances and women's fragrances are called perfumers or "noses." Their names are almost never the names that are on the perfume bottle. Instead, these are the people behind the scenes creating the fragrance mixtures, often for many different perfume houses, design houses and cosmetic companies, although their final creations are approved by the people whose names will appear on the bottle.

  3. What is a flanker?
    When a fragrance is successful, the company that created it makes a flanker -- a fragrance that may be a slight variation on the original or may just have a similar name. Flankers are often limited edition releases, so if you like a flanker patterned after your favorite women's perfume or men's cologne, be sure to buy it before it's gone.

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