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FAQs about Bedroom Armoires

by Jessica Gezon

Bedroom armoire with blankets and pillows inside

Do you find yourself without enough closet space for all your clothing? If the answer is yes, you might want to consider a bedroom armoire. Getting the answers to frequently asked questions about bedroom armoires can help you choose the furniture that's right for you. A wardrobe, or armoire, can spruce up a room while adding much-needed storage space.

Questions about Armoires:

  1. Where can I use an armoire?
    Armoires are traditionally used in the bedroom, but recently they've been gaining popularity in other rooms in the house. The variety of available sizes makes them more versatile than in the past. Some wardrobes are designed to attractively hide the unsightly cables and cords that go hand in hand with modern technology.

  2. How big is an armoire?
    Armoires are available in a variety of sizes, ready to store everything from books and CDs to jewelry and clothing. The bigger armoires include drawers and cabinets and can stand more than 7 feet high. Smaller armoires, better suited for jewelry than shirts, tend to be closer to 4 feet high.

  3. What can I do with an armoire?
    Armoires were originally designed to house the extravagant (and bulky) clothing worn by royalty but eventually became popular with all manner of people. As their practicality became better appreciated, they spread into wider use and are now used to house things like jewelry, computers and entertainment systems.

  4. What's the difference between an armoire and a dresser?
    The primary difference between and armoire and a dresser is that a dresser has a mirror and an armoire does not. Dressers are typically longer than they are tall, while armoires are taller than they are wide. Armoires also offer a place to hang clothing while dressers are composed only of drawers.

  5. What features do armoires offer?
    Armoires basically provide an extra closet. They have drawers and often are topped with a cabinet ideal for hanging shirts, suits, dresses and more.

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