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FAQs about Armchairs

by Jessica Gezon

Green polka dot armchair

Create an inviting place to curl up with a good book or sit down for your favorite TV show with an oversized arm chair. Arm chairs are decadent by nature; with well-padded arms, a high back and a deep seat, they're designed to be comfortable resting spots in any home or office. Read on to find the answers to frequently asked questions about arm chairs.

Questions about Armchairs:

  1. What are armchairs made of?
    Armchairs are basically chairs with attached arm rests. The frame is usually crafted of solid hardwood or metal, then covered with padding and topped with leather, faux leather or fabric.

  2. What's the difference between bi-cast leather and genuine leather?
    Bi-cast leather (also known as bycast leather) is leather whose surface is coated with a layer of polyurethane. The coating provides a more consistent look and makes the surface easier to clean and maintain. Bi-cast leather is an affordable alternative to more traditional leather chairs. Genuine leather is leather that has been tanned, but not coated. It has greater breathability and durability than bi-cast leather, but it is also more susceptible to staining.

  3. How do I clean my armchair?
    The way you clean your chair will depend on what type of outer material you've chosen. For a fabric shell, you can spot clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent or use a spray cleaner designed for use on upholstery. For leather or suede, try to make sure you blot any stains immediately after they happen (make sure to pat the stain rather than wiping it, as that can spread the spill over a greater area). Use a soft, damp cloth to remove the spill. Check the tag; some leather will tolerate the use of a mild detergent (and some tags will offer cleaning tips specific to your chair). Professional leather cleaning is also available in most areas if the project seems overwhelming.

  4. Are there any special features available in armchairs?
    Armchairs are no longer just for stuffy studies and boring boardrooms. Durable fabrics, cleanable leather and fun features have made them a great choice for any household. One of the most popular advances in armchair technology is the 'reclining' feature. Other features include built-in cup holders and a swivel base so you can position yourself wherever you want without moving a heavy chair.

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